November 12, 2010


“Because even when you're not sure where you're headed, it helps to know you're not going there alone..”

November 7, 2010


Mauw !

The End Of Us.

I know it will be like this. Never mind, I can face this. i will try my best to stay strong. My exam is coming real soon, an exam that is freaking important to me.
I told one of my friend that something going to happen between us after my exam. my friend said at least he think and worry about me. But this is not true. my exam is coming real soon, within a month. I dont want anything to affect my result. I’ve nearly reach my targeted result and I really hope that I can get really good result. I really have to clean up my mind as soon as possible and get ready for my exam.
I’ve 3 choices, and i chose him. and today, we come to the end of our relationship. The one who cries is always the one who love more. At least, I am not selfish to show my love to him.
I will not do stupid things like last time because I know that I am responsible to my life. I want to have better life in future, earn lots of money, enjoy my life with my friends and the one that really loves me with his true heart.
Time flies, people change, feelings fade… Goodbye my love.


November 1, 2010

lose oneself.

es el momento de decidir qué hacer.
y yo he decidido desaparecer, escoger un lugar al azar y .. que el destino decida por mí.
porque, lo mejor de perderse es el no saber con quién te puedes encontrar o mejor aún, quién está por encontrarte.


"We used to play all the games ,
where no one’s the winner,
we used to laugh and make lies,
some living better"